SpicySlav organization in Texas

European kids in the States

Hey there! We are SpicySlav 

We are college students from different countries in Europe – Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia. Our whole summer we will spend in Texas helping families with education. 

We work with the company Southwestern Advantage, so our first destination was in Nashville, Tennessee. We had 4 days of Sales School, where we learned all about selling and how to prepare for the fun summer job.

The weather in Nashville was so humid and hot, but we were working hard to practice more before summer. After Sales School we took a plane to Texas. We have two cities where we will be working this summer – Amarillo and Lubbock. In Amarillo and the surroundings were filmed movies like Indiana Jones. Lubbock has been rated to be America’s second most conservative city.

I will introduce you – on the picture you can see Estonians and Latvians. Starting from the first row from the left:

Sergei is our organisational leader for the summer; Pavel

Second row from the left:

Krista, Nelda, Katja, Jaana, Fjodor.

And boys from Slovakia:

Richard, Matuš and Renee.

This week we already worked for couple of days and it was really fun. Next week you will hear a lot fun stories from us, so don’t miss out!


See you next Sunday