Jesajken organization in Minnesota

‘Minnesota? HERE WE GO!!! Average temperature 24-28 degrees, more than 10 000 lakes, our awesome NHL hockey player Marian Gaborik played for Minnesota wild… This summer is going to be amazing!’ – This was our first thought when our Jesajken org found out the country we are going to work in. And then we came to the bookfield. Heart attacks before first knocks, weather behaves like a roller coaster, our first slam doors, first blue light award nominees, lack of host families and first emotional breakdowns. Since we came to this beautiful country, we have experienced lots of different situations, which we were used to laughed at, when our student managers had been telling us stories from theirs’ past summers. Now it wasn’t funny at all! We went through a lot of things that wasn’t even similar to what we were used to back home. Well, time went on and we woke up every day, we had a cold shower, we went to a breakfast place and then went to our turf, because even when it was hard, we were committed to accomplish what we had set before our summer work started. Every other day. Again and again. We were getting more and more challenges on daily basis. But our will was stronger than that. It’s like one man said – if there is a will, there is a way. Our OL Veronika Kunikova, our powerful student managers, our DSL Erki Kukk and E1 radio attitude boosters helped us with our motivation. So here we stay, together, with our belief, comitted, strong, powerful, forced, persistent to ACHIEVE OUR GOALS! Even when it is hard, even when there is another slam, unhappy mom or heavy rain. We don’t give up when things get hard, we are here day by day and in every way we are getting better anyway. On Sundays, we have our meetings, where we share our stories from our turfs, founding out that bookfield is really magical place. Naked moms, people with relatives on the death bed, angry and weird dogs and many more. We are slowly getting used to standards here. Anyways, we are moving forward we believe in each other, we support each other and we are creating the most self-developing summer that we could ever imagine. Let’s rock even more! 

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